Post-arrival important notes

Know about important notes for after arrival in Italy

The students after arrival in Italy should pay attention to the follwing important items:

1-Don't take so heavy things with yourself and try to take just necessary things in a baggage.

2-Check the documents you have got from the embassy if they all have stamp on them and the are completed for university registration.

3-Take at least 5000 Euro with yourself for the coverage of the first months of your residence in Italy.

4-Take yor national identity documents with yourself, since you may need to do any procedure at the embassy of your home country in Italy.

5-Take the university admission letter and hotel or dormitory reservation with yourself at passport control at the airport of your destination.

6-Get correct information from us at any step and don't get false information from anywhere else.

7-Ask for residence permit and fiscal code in the first 8 days after your arrival in Italy. 

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